Friday, 10 August 2012

Old beginnings

I was looking back over the work I have carried out over the last couple of years and found some pieces that brought back good memories of meeting the customer and getting to do a cool piece of work.
My plan is to share some of the images that really pushed me as a tattooist and designer, with others that just give me personal satisfaction in some way.

The first one is an idea that started as a branch/tree with leaves and birds. That eventually turned in to what we did below. It was a great chance to really push the concept to it's limit and tattoo something unlike anything else I've seen. It even includes a small cover up in the exploding/rotating/fractal sphere.
I felt the more I talked through the tattoo with the customer the more refined the essence of what it was she wished to communicate. In the end a sense of movement/perpetual motion was coming through and the tree was dropped in favour of an image I had found on the good ol net (the sphere) that would be the nucleus for a flock of birds 'escaping' from its confines.

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